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I’m Elise Museles (formerly known as Kale & Chocolate), an attorney turned certified eating psychology & nutrition expert. I’ve helped thousands of women change their food stories, and I can do the same for you!

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You might be thinking I don’t have a Food Story. But you do! We all do.

Your Food Story is multi-layered and written over years and years. It’s the food you turn to when you’re stressed and the way you talk to yourself after a little too much chocolate. It’s your grandmother’s favorite recipe and the way your mom talked about her body.

Your Food Story is more important and impactful than any diet or meal plan you have ever tried.

When you rewrite your Food Story, you unlock the key to a world of freedom, fun, and ease: A world where you no longer stress (or worry!) about every bite. A world where you listen to your body and choose the foods that feel good to YOU.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there. And I can show you the way out.


Once Upon a Food Story

Break through the stress, confusion, and outdated beliefs about food and eating, so you can turn down the noise and listen to the wisdom of your own body. Each episode is an intimate, unscripted conversation with doctors, nutritionists, life coaches, entrepreneurs, and other wellness experts as they share their personal journeys from struggle to strength. Join us to feel connected, empowered, and inspired, so that you can become your happiest, healthiest self!



Food Story isn’t just about what’s in your mind; it’s also about cooking and eating! When you step into my {virtual} kitchen, I want you to feel love and nourishment in every single bite. Here are a few of my go-to recipes, which I’m proud to say have earned a double ‘thumbs up’ from my entire family.

Stop stressing over your food choices and start loving every bite—click below to download your FREE digital copy of my game-changing ebook.

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