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Let’s Choose Your Word of the Year [Giveaway]

While our feelings about 2022 seem to be changing by the minute, I'm still going ahead and carrying on with one of my favorite traditions to bring joy and excitement into planning for 2022. 

(Pssst… If you’ve been around here for a while, you know what’s coming next!)

With the new year just a champagne toast away, most of us are busy thinking about our resolutions: get healthy, exercise more, eliminate sugar, quit carbs (for good!) But trying to make big changes all at once rarely works. We burn out – or pull a muscle, or unhappily binge-eat a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

For me, New Year’s promises became an exercise in shame and disappointment, rather than hope and excitement; they highlighted all the ways that my previous year didn’t quite measure up, instead of filling me up with visions of the future.

But at the end of 2013, I shifted the way I thought about my coming year, and instantly, everything felt different: lighter, easier, and sustainable.

What did I do? I chose a word of the year. (My favorite annual ritual, and I LOVE when you join in, too!)

In 2021, I picked the word bold. With all the uncertainty over the last two years, I could have let the fear of everything take over and leave me ‘waiting’. But instead, I took a bold stand and made a plan for what I wanted the year to represent for me and what I wanted to accomplish – no matter what. (My boldest move: releasing my book Food Story!)

Plus, having online connections and this community (that's YOU) absolutely helped me get through 2021 and step into boldness as often as possible! (And to show my gratitude, I have an AWESOME giveaway to celebrate the coming new year, so keep reading!!)

Through the years, I’ve chosen believe, evolve, trust, simplify, ease, spaciousness, simplify, and savor kicked the whole tradition off!

My “word of the year” anchors my daily life. It guides the work that I do, the choices that I make, and the way that I navigate my days. When I feel adrift, I remember my word of the year and come back to myself – and my goals for the coming months.

My word for 2022? Reconnect. (Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?)

Reconnect means finding time to not just connect with the world around me, but to also create the space to connect deeply with myself. 

I know with the current uncertainty, reconnecting may not feel the same as it once did. But, the word of the year is with us for 12 whole months – giving me so many opportunities all year long to shape how I reconnect in fresh new ways.

Choosing to reconnect is about having the patience and the self-awareness, in this very moment, to make a promise to myself to listen, learn, and love every part of who I am.

For me to really reconnect, I plan to stay present and focused on my intentions, my emotions, and who I am at my core. But my word for 2022 may not be your word. Perhaps you’d like the next year to feel calm or connected or creative. Maybe you seek simplicity, or to feel like it's your time to recharge.

Choosing a word of the year has grounded me and changed the course of my next trip around the sun – and I know it can do the same for you!

Here are three steps to get you started:

Think … about how you want to feel. In order to keep traditional resolutions, we track numbers: calories, dollars, social media followers. But with a single word as your beacon, 2022 becomes easier and sweeter. A “successful” year becomes a year that feels the way you want it to feel.

Dig deep. Peer through the window of your Future Dream Life. Really imagine the specifics: how do you want your life to feel? Free? Supported? Confident? Imagine your heart and mind feeling that way, every single day, then choose your word accordingly.

Trust … your intuition. Choosing your word of the year is a lot easier than you might expect. You don’t necessarily have to labor over this decision; just reflect. In 2021, what worked? What didn’t? If you’re honest with yourself, you probably already know how you’d like next year to be different. When a word springs to mind and feels right in your gut, you’ve got it!

Apply … your word to your whole life. Supported at home means something different than supported in your professional life. And aligned in your body is different from being aligned with your partner. How does your word apply at work? At home? In your thoughts? Does it affect the way you move your body, or the food choices you make? When you apply your word to all the areas of your life, you’re ready to make it happen everywhere.

Now it’s your turn:

To encourage you to find your word for 2022, I’m giving away an epic Feel Good Package full to the brim with all my favorite things that bring health and joy into my life every single day. (Check out the full list of items you can win below.)

To enter, share your word in the comments, and I’ll pick a random winner on December 31st. Good luck!

Cheers to a year filled with health, happiness, and just the right word,

P.S. As promised, here’s what is inside the Feel Good Package that you have a chance to win!

✨ Organic Superior Matcha from Matcha Kari

✨ A collection of luxurious Beauty Bar Chocolate

✨ An eco-friendly vibrant water bottle by Eco Vessel.

✨ Glow Elixir from JOYA.

✨ Himalayan Pink Salt Superseeds made by Eaton Hemp

✨ BerryRich probiotic Graydon Skincare face + eye cream

✨ A flight of TONIC CBD

✨ A custom Food Story tote for all your shopping hauls!

✨ AND a signed copy of my book

The giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered. There will be more. Congratulations Hilary!


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