7 Ways to Heal Yourself with Dr. Gordon Pedersen

Have you ever thought you’d like to take your health into your own hands, but it’s way too confusing or complicated? Feeling your best is easier than you think and making your own well-being a top priority can be simplified and stress-free!

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story Episode 19 with Dr. Gordon Pedersen. Dr. Pedersen is highly acclaimed for multiple scientific and medical discoveries and his contribution to Chicken Soup for the Enriching Soul. He is a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, a board-certified expert in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, and one of the world’s leading researchers on silver as a health tool. After having a family health crisis, young Gordon started down his path of trainings and degrees to learn as much as he could to help save his brother from a debilitating struggle with Crohn’s Disease.

Although Dr. Pedersen felt frustrated that none of the individual disciplines he studied had all the answers, he now appreciates the profound impact each has on the whole person and has put together a method to help others simplify health to feel their absolute best. With years of research and studying of what he calls “the essence of wellness,” Dr. Pedersen teaches us how to get back to basics to nourish ourselves by focusing on the seven magical pillars that impact how we look, feel, and think!

Let Dr. Pedersen inspire you to bring out your inner doctor and tap into your own essence of wellness!

“The human body will heal itself if you give it the proper tools.” ~Dr. Gordon Pedersen

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is the essence of wellness and how to find yours
  • When to supplement and how to figure out which ones you need
  • Ways to exercise that can dramatically improve your mental and physical state
  • How to neutralize the environment inside (and outside) your body
  • Why an alkaline body is optimal and how to achieve it
  • The difference between good and bad stress, and how to identify (and reduce) harmful stress
  • What is common sense medicine and how it can help you heal
  • The incredible powers of silver and how to integrate it into your routine
  • Why celebrating the small victories can radically transform you, inside and out

You’ll feel empowered to look within and find all the answers you need!

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  1. Eat correctly
  2. Sleep 8 hours
  3. Supplement where there are deficiencies
  4. Exercise daily
  5. Neutralize poisons
  6. Clean water (cleanse)
  7. Eliminate stress


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