A Healthy Food Story Starts in the Kitchen with Pamela Salzman

Have you ever thought you would like to cook meals from scratch, but it’s too hard or takes too much time? Cooking with fresh ingredients is easier than you think and making real food taste good can be simple and stress-free!

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story Episode 11 with Pamela Salzman. Pamela is a certified holistic health counselor, best-selling author of Kitchen Matters and sought-after celebrity cooking instructor. After growing up with Immigrant Italian parents who cherished simple ingredients grown in their own garden, Pamela got her foundations for cooking and understanding the value of connecting around the table. At age seven, she purchased her first cookbook and found her way into the kitchen as much as she could.

Although Pamela felt a little resentment that her family didn’t have typical “American” eating habits, she now appreciates the profound impact her roots have had on her as an adult. With a family of her own, Pamela teaches us how to get back to basics to nourish ourselves and our loved ones, so that we can enjoy balance and health in our lives!

Let Pamela inspire you to bring out your inner chef and create a positive food story for you and your family, too!

“Food is very important, but we are putting way too much pressure on ourselves! Not every meal has to be a perfect ten.” ~Pamela Salzman

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to take the anxiety out of cooking with whole foods and keep it simple and stress-free
  • The profound ways your roots impact your relationship with food
  • Why motherhood can help you feel more connected to your food choices
  • What to do to have a more positive eating environment in your home
  • Simple steps to expose your loved ones to new and different foods
  • Ways to cook that are flexible for all kinds of needs, without making more than one meal
  • The most important tip to become a better cook, and why it’s not as hard as you think

You’ll feel empowered to create more joy, ease, and fun in the kitchen for you and your loved ones, too!

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