Breathe to Transform Your Energy, Mind and Mood with Sandy Abrams

What’s the simplest way to reduce stress, shift your mood, and even foster creativity? Your breath! It’s the most underutilized resource that you can tap into at any point in time. With just one breath, you can transform fear into excitement, frustration into clarity, or judgment into empathy! Who doesn’t need that?!

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story episode #23 with Sandy Abrams. Sandy is an entrepreneur, founder of C.E.OM, and author of the newly released book Breathe to Succeed. Sandy works with people and businesses all over the world to help them feel more peace, ease, and calm in their digitally overwhelmed lives.

After having an a-ha moment in yoga class and observing what happens to your mind and body when you close your eyes and breathe, Sandy went from being type-A and anxious to a more grounded version of herself by embracing the powers of conscious breathing. Giving herself permission to push pause throughout her busy day, Sandy learned how to create “in the moment” empowerment by using these easy breath and mindset techniques!

Now, after years of being connected to her mind and body, she believes that breath is a superfood that can bring you a new level of confidence, creativity, and connection. Tune in and let Sandy empower you to upgrade your breathing and take control of how you feel in every aspect of your life!

“Three deep breaths is mediation at the speed of life.” ~Sandy Abrams

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why breath is the most underutilized science-backed tool for transforming how you think and feel
  • The way a few deep breaths can instantly connect you to your mind and body
  • How to disrupt negative thoughts and flip the script to a more positive mindset
  • Tips to use deep breathing to positively affect your eating habits and digestion
  • Actionable techniques to create an effective breathing practice and exactly when to use them
  • Three types of powerful breathing exercises and the benefits of each
  • An empowering ritual to start your day feeling grounded (and calm!) using beverages and breath
  • Simple ways to integrate conscious breathing into your routine to use anytime, anywhere

You’ll feel inspired to take 90 seconds to quiet your mind, rest your body, and go back to your life feeling more focused and present!

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