Everything You Need to Know About Adaptogens and Stress Reduction with Elizabeth Peterson

On a scale from “one” (blissed out tropical vacation) to “ten” (heart-pounding anxiety), how stressed do you feel on most days? For too many of us, we are on the higher end of the stress spectrum. When you’re chronically stressed, it screws up your metabolism, your digestion, your sleep patterns, your hormones… and your enjoyment of life! But we can be proactive and find easy ways to create calm.

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story episode #21 with Elizabeth Peterson. Elizabeth is a certified holistic nutritionist, an intuitive eating guide, and founder of the gorgeous herbal adaptogenic elixir brand By Erika Elizabeth. Growing up as a competitive athlete with a type-A personality, Elizabeth learned early on the negative impact stress chemistry can have on our entire wellbeing. With hormonal imbalances, high cortisol levels, body image issues, an inability to quiet her racing mind (and more), she turned to the healing powers of adaptogens—a class of herbs that work in collaboration with your body’s stress levels—to help her relax her nervous system and soothe her thoughts.

Now, more grounded and relaxed than ever, Elizabeth is on a mission to help others reduce anxiety, build up the body’s resiliency, and feel so much better, starting with a daily adaptogenic elixir! Tune in and let Elizabeth inspire you to take care of your mind and body while you become better able to take on more and fulfill your potential. 

We can talk about the microbiome and gut health, we can talk about the endocrine system and hormonal health, but really, our degree of wellness and vitality is simply a reflection of the state of our nervous system.” ~Elizabeth Peterson

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What are adaptogens and how they can positively impact your body and nervous system
  • Which herbal adaptogens are best for enhancing digestive capacity, improving reproductive health, creating radiance, maximizing brain power, and more
  • Why being proactive about brain health is key, no matter how old you are
  • How to create an inside out approach to wellness with less focus on appearance
  • The ways the ancient principals of Ayurveda can help you feel aligned and balanced
  • The power of meditation in cultivating presence and connection
  • How embracing your feminine energy can help you feel less anxious
  • A mantra that will encourage you to go with the flow

You’ll feel empowered to manage your stress and nourish yourself with the healing powers of magical adaptogens.

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