Everything You Need to Know About CBD and Adaptogens 2.0

You’ve heard of CBD and you’re probably also familiar with adaptogens. Maybe you’ve even given them a try as part of your wellness routine. But how do they actually work? When should you choose CBD and when should you turn to adaptogens? With so many options, it’s hard to know exactly what is right for you and your body.

Founder and CEO of TONIC CBD, Brittany Carbone believes that the answer isn’t in choosing one over the other, but rather in doubling down on the incredible benefits of both. Looking for a natural way to manage her own anxiety and depression, Brittany began combining CBD and ashwagandha root, experimenting with the idea that synergistically they could work together to cover more ground and create a stress-relieving, adaptogenic powerhouse. That’s exactly what they did!

The first TONIC she created reduced her anxiety, gave her more energy, helped her recover from workouts, and improved her sleep. Realizing the profound impact this combination had on her own health, Brittany saw the opportunity to share high-quality plant-based healing with the world. She went on to found TONIC in 2017. 

Now, as the head of the all-female team, Brittany not only creates products that are safe and effective, she also helps people better handle stress. In a time where too many of us are often anxious and overwhelmed, Brittany’s on a mission to empower others to tap into the mood-boosting effects that CBD and adaptogens can have on our mental and physical well-being.

“CBD won’t take away your issues, but it will give you spaciousness to see them with a clearer perspective.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • A simple method to determine whether your CBD regimen is working
  • What is the endocannabinoid system and how can it help you achieve better health?
  • The difference between THC (in straight cannabis) compared to CBD without THC
  • The secret ingredient that helps elevate the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, gut-healing, and immune-regulating effects of each dose.
  • The bioavailability of CBD tinctures/oils versus ingestibles/tablets  
  • Why transparency and traceability is important for you as a consumer

You’ll feel inspired to become proactive about your health and take your knowledge of CBD, adaptogens, and stress relief to the next level!

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