Find Peace, Fulfillment, and Freedom After a Major Life Change with Valerie Gangas

What happens when you have a life event that turns your world upside down? How can you find peace, fulfillment, and freedom when you experience a medical emergency, a broken relationship, or personal loss? 

Valerie Gangas, author and transformational life coach, believes that these experiences can be a gateway to expanding your consciousness and discovering the habits, rituals, relationships, even career, that align with your true self. 

During these times, we enter what Valerie calls “deep shift.” For Valerie, her own deep shift came after she lost her mother 12 years ago. In her struggles with depression and despair, she became fascinated by what comes next when our lives are upended.  

This awakening changed Valerie’s life forever and allowed her to let go of who she thought she was and become who she was meant to be. Now, she helps people shift their perspective on hard times and view them as opportunities to wake up and unleash their magic more fully. 


In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What it means to be “in deep shift” 
  • Five hallmarks of deep shift: interests, relationships, career, belongings, connection 
  • Tips for navigating this kind of transformation 
  • Ways to prioritize taking care of yourself inside and out  
  • Why being still and turning to meditation can provide answers 
  • How to trust and believe in yourself 

You’ll feel empowered to follow your own path, ride the waves of change, and discover the profound and often hidden benefits of being in deep shift!  


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