How Body Neutrality Can Inspire More Confidence and Joy with Willow Jarosh

How many times have you stepped on the scale and let the number affect your day? Or looked in the mirror and felt your self-esteem instantly plummet? Most of us have had these experiences, and diet culture is to blame!

Willow Jarosh believes that the messages we are fed from a very young age about beauty standards and ideals are negatively impacting the quality of our thoughts and our lives. In order to feel good about ourselves, we need to focus less on how our bodies look and more on what they do!

Willow is a registered dietitian nutritionist and body neutrality advocate who empowers people to stop wasting energy and mental space on appearance, so they can have more time for what truly brings joy. Different than body positivity, body neutrality is a growing movement that helps inspire confidence in ways that have nothing to do with what you see in the mirror.

Growing up, Willow developed a life-long love of cooking and eating, but along the way, she noticed how societal messages were negatively affecting her own relationship with food and body. Now, as a young mom, she’s determined to shift the narrative so that we not only pass down a healthier story for our children, but we also change how much we, as a society, value appearance.

Tune in and let Willow inspire you to feel good without your self-worth dependent on your weight or the size of your thighs.

“Despite what society tells us, how you look is one piece of who you are, and it’s the least interesting piece.” ~Willow Jarosh

In this episode, you’ll learn:

    • What is diet culture and how does it affect societal messages on beauty and appearance
    • The crucial conversations that kids and adults should be having about food
    • The difference between body neutrality and body positivity and why it is okay not to love every part of your body
    • How to learn to respect your body without wasting energy to fit into an ideal
    • A simple (and fun!) exercise to start incorporating body neutrality into your life
    • Ways to consciously raise kids in today’s diet culture
    • How to keep the collective body neutrality conversation going to create a ripple effect

You’ll feel inspired to live a much more enriched life that’s focused on the things that bring you meaning, pleasure, and joy!

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