How to Bring Joy to Your Plate and in Your Life with Caitlin Greene

Food can be joyful and fun. 

But so many of us have come to associate eating with stress and anxiety.

We are all susceptible to losing our enjoyment of food. Sometimes, we even become afraid of it—and it becomes more about eating for mere survival than about the enjoyment and connection that it can bring. 

But how can we get that joy back?

How can we learn again to tap into food’s power to transport us back to times of joy and connection with friends and family? 

My guest today, Caitlin Greene, was at a low point in her life when she lost interest in just about everything, including nourishing herself with real food. Her eating disorder consumed her and her lifelong passion for cooking was slipping away. 

She struggled to stay afloat as her world came crashing down. 

She not only lost her passion for food—she lost her passion for life.

But in 2016, everything changed for Caitlin. 

She was able to reconnect to her past memories of being in the kitchen with her family and started to share her passion for cooking online. She felt accountable to herself again and created a community that was instantly inspired by her contagious energy. 

Through Caitlin’s experience, you’ll learn that no matter what your story is right now, no matter how far off you’ve deviated from showing up as your best self in big or small ways, there is hope.  

You can find joy again, both on your plate and in your life.


Tune into this episode to hear:

  • How Caitlin started to heal her disordered relationship with food
  • How her dedication to real food, ingredients, and passion for creating recipes led to a career as a food blogger and influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers
  • The role that writing her new book played in her healing journey
  • And some easy strategies to make cooking joyful, simple, and fun

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