How to Find Joy in Wellness

You eat well, hit the gym, and try to squeeze in a bit of self-care on the weekends. On paper, you’d say you’re pretty healthy! But are you really?!

Ruth Elnekave, CEO and Founder of the superfood and functional snacks brand JOYA, believes that the essence of health is not created by going through the motions but rather in finding the joy in nourishing ourselves even in small ways. The child of Israeli immigrants, food always symbolized family, connection and togetherness with Ruth getting an early start in the kitchen as her mother’s sous-chef by the age of four!

Ruth’s positive, food-filled childhood led her to train in the culinary school after college. Yet, she traded in a career in the kitchen to practice corporate law. Burning the candle at both ends as a lawyer, Ruth tried her best to stay healthy with diet and exercise, but her lack of sleep and stress-inducing lifestyle led to severe adrenal fatigue and other health issues.

Determined to feel better, Ruth escaped the rat race and reconnected with her culinary roots, studying holistic nutrition and healing herself through powerful botanicals, functional foods, and plenty of rest. She then went on to found JOYA to help others slow down, nourish their bodies, and find joy in savoring each sip and every bite!

“Eating real food, slowing down, and truly savoring the experience is one of the most mood-enhancing things you can do.” ~Ruth Elnekave

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why diet and exercise are only part of the nourishment equation
  • The most effective protocol to nourish your adrenal system
  • How adaptogens support stress and improve mood
  • An alternative to your morning coffee that gives you sustained energy (rather than a caffeine crash!)
  • Exactly what qualifies as a functional food and how they can supercharge your health
  • Why cacao is the ultimate superfood and how to savor your chocolate
  • Simple ways to bring meaning into your everyday experiences to feel instantly happier

You’ll feel empowered to truly nourish your mind and body with supportive nutrients and a big old dose of pure joy!

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