How to Follow Your Heart and Your Gut

Ready to make a change, listen to your inner wisdom, and feel like your best self in the new year and new decade?! Then it’s time to nourish your body with healing foods, release limiting beliefs, and pursue your dreams no matter your age or stage in life!

Liz Fisher, a pioneer in the wellness space and CEO and Founder of the innovative yogurt brand Lavva, believes that you can always reinvent yourself and begin again. In 2013, Liz had a thriving career when she was taken by surprise with an advanced stage ovarian cancer diagnosis. While undergoing treatment, Liz’s physician husband put her on an extremely low carbohydrate and high fat (keto) diet as a compliment to conventional cancer treatment.

Having feared dietary fat for years, Liz was forced to experiment and open her mind to new ways of eating. While incorporating healthy fats, she found and fell in love with the pili nut, and was amazed by the rich buttery taste and concentration of vitamin E and magnesium. Liz knew she had to learn more about this special healing ingredient.

Now, Liz is cancer-free thanks to a combination of medicine, lifestyle, and dietary changes, and she also runs her own company based on the plant-based creamy creations she was making in her kitchen using the pili nut. With no added sugar and over 50 billion probiotics to support overall health in each yogurt cup, Liz invented an alternative to the alternatives when she founded Lavva.

Tune in and let Liz inspire you to follow your heart (and your gut) with her powerful story of resiliency and reinvention!

“It’s never too late to pursue your dream. Even if you get hit in the gut and taken out, you are a resilient being.” ~Liz Fisher

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The powerful connection between food, quality of life, and disease prevention
  • The latest research on sugar addiction and tips to limit sugar intake
  • How fat plays a huge role in reducing cravings
  • Why labels like ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ don’t tell the full story (and what to look for instead!)
  • The special ingredient missing from most conventional yogurts that’s an absolute must for optimal gut health
  • The cutting-edge science on the microbiome and its role in immunity, brain health, and mood
  • The startling statistics about women and digestive issues and how it impacts our health
  • The most exciting food trends in 2020
  • The best piece of advice to follow your dreams

You’ll feel empowered to stay open and curious to new possibilities around food, your health, and your life!

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