How to Have More Fun Cooking and Eating

Have you ever felt like healthy eating and having fun can’t coexist? Rachel Mansfield, author, podcast host, recipe developer, and Instagram sensation, believes that feeling your best doesn’t mean adhering to restrictive diets or giving up all the foods you crave.

Since getting fired from her job over four years ago and pursuing her brand full time, Rachel has created a community of hundreds of thousands of people by sharing deliciously, wholesome recipes that fuel your body and soul. In 2019, she became a first-time mama and while pregnant, she wrote her debut cookbook, Just the Good Stuff: One Hundred Plus Guilt Free Recipes to Satisfy All Your Cravings.

Although it may seem that Rachel is the picture of balance and freedom, her relationship with food hasn’t always been easy. As a child, Rachel loved to eat and adored all-American junk-food classics, but as she grew up, the happiness she experienced around eating turned to stress. She counted calories and restricted her diet, completely losing her sense of self along with all joy in her quest for weight loss.

Realizing that her restrictive ways were harming her health both mentally and physically, Rachel began to explore in the kitchen while healing her food and body image struggles. Thousands of mouthwatering recipes later, she’s having an absolute blast recreating her favorite childhood and classic comfort foods with an innovative, healthy twist!

Now, Rachel is on a mission to help others eat without sacrificing taste, comfort, or fun in the name of health.

“Enjoy food and enjoy what you’re eating. Don’t worry if it’s healthy all the time.” ~Rachel Mansfield

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How to feed your body (and soul) with real, whole foods in a way that isn’t boring
  • Genius tips on how to make vegetables taste better
  • Why living a “label-less” lifestyle can change your life
  • The one habit that sucks the joy out of eating and how to release it
  • Ways to indulge your sweet tooth using nutrient-dense ingredients
  • Ideas to make healthy twists of comfort food classics (Think: gluten-free blueberry pop-tarts, sweet-potato tater-tots, and dairy free mac and cheese!)
  • Why you don’t have to drink green juice and only veggies in order to feel good
  • How nostalgic childhood favorites can bring you nourishment and comfort
  • The true meaning of food freedom and how to experience it yourself

You’ll feel inspired to release the rules, get playful in the kitchen, and enjoy foods that not only taste good but feel good, too

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Rachels Book: Just the Good Stuff


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