How to Heal Outside of Conventional Medicine with Dr. Bojana Jankovic

Have you ever been frustrated by a doctor’s visit that felt too rushed? Or been told you’re “fine” by a health care provider when you’re clearly feeling off? You’re not alone!

Board certified internal and integrative medicine physician, Dr. Bojana Jankovic, doesn’t believe that handing someone a pill to “fix” their symptoms or spending just a handful of minutes with patients is an effective approach to healing. Instead, the answers can be found using evidence-based strategies for restoring balance from both Western and Eastern medicine!

By the time she was a teen, young Bojana had already determined that she wanted to become a doctor. But once she started practicing, her eyes were opened to the limitations of conventional medicine. She then decided to first heal herself and significantly improve the quality of her busy (and stressful) life by addressing the underlying causes of her health challenges using integrative and functional medicine. As she started to apply these same principles with her patients, she saw incredible results and began to incorporate alternative modalities with each interaction.

Now, after years of improving thousands of people’s health and transforming their lives, Dr. Bojana is a firm believer that we need to go beyond traditional Western medicine in order to reduce stress, create emotional resiliency, and adopt lifestyle choices that affect our physiology. By asking the right questions, she teaches us how to become active participants in our own healthcare and find the proper tools to manage our conditions.

Tune in and let Dr. Bojana inspire you to work through your challenges using simple, non-traditional approaches to healing.

“Our bodies and minds have the innate ability to heal.” ~Dr. Bojana Jankovic

In this episode, you’ll learn:

    • How to get to the root cause of your health issues looking beyond Western medicine
    • Tips for creating better work life balance
    • Advice for expectant moms for a healthier pregnancy
    • Why releasing the need to control can be freeing and help you let go of over-thinking
    • How to reframe your thoughts around fear and negative experiences
    • The impact of stress on your mind + body and how to respond to it in a productive way
    • Steps to slow down and become a more mindful eater
    • What to ask yourself to figure out your bigger purpose
    • The crucial questions doctors should address with patients for better solutions

You’ll feel empowered to take actionable steps to improve your health… and transform your life

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Dr. Bojana with her doula