How to Heal Your Relationship with Food and Yourself with Kate Van Horn

Have you ever felt stuck in your relationship with food or frustrated by the same conversations you keep having over and over in your own head? Unsure about this whole self-love conversation when you’re just not feeling it? The good news is that you can forgive your past and learn to live a life filled with radical self-love… and it’s more attainable than you think!

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story episode 5 with Kate Van Horn! Named one of 25 most influential women to watch in 2018 by Yogi Approved, Kate is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a wellness blogger, and co-founder of the popular GOOD Festival. Kate has established herself as a strong voice for mental health awareness and eating disorder recovery by helping women reclaim their strength and inner light.

A yoga teacher and compelling speaker, Kate believes that healing is a lifelong practice. She teaches people how to lead an intuitive lifestyle, which helped her finally have freedom around food and a deep love for her body. And for those moments when you do feel triggered around food and body issues, Kate says that gratitude is always the way back home to appreciate yourself and your life. After hearing Kate’s journey from struggle to strength, you’ll feel empowered to own your story and rewrite your inner narrative!

“Healing ebbs and flows. It is never going to be a straight path.” ~Kate Van Horn

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The tools you can use to control trigger moments in life with food, body image, and more
  • How to let go of labels and learn to trust your wise intuition
  • Why yoga isn’t just a physical practice and how to practice both on and off the mat
  • How to accept your body, even when you aren’t feeling your best
  • Why it’s okay to take breaks from wellness habits that don’t serve you
  • What exactly is self-love and how to cultivate it in a meaningful way every single day
  • The healing powers of gratitude and why tapping into it can help you heal your relationship with food and yourself.

You’ll be inspired to accept and forgive your past, express love for your one and only body, and let your intuition guide you along the way!

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