How To Live Your Truth and Not Let Your Past Define You with Andrea Owen

How do you acknowledge your past without letting it define you?

We all have beliefs, wounds, and traumas (big and small) from our childhoods and families of origin that can impact our thoughts and actions in ways we might not even realize.

Your story has been unfolding your whole life, absorbing messages from all around you that created patterns that influence your daily thoughts and behaviors–around food and in your other daily decisions–for better or worse.

Moving forward from limiting beliefs and old patterns and becoming your most authentic self takes understanding, awareness, and what best-selling author, speaker and life coach Andrea Owen calls “unlearning.”

Andrea explains how she healed herself from her eating issues, addiction, codependency, trauma, and other struggles that defined her past through a life-changing process of “unlearning.” This enabled her to become the confident, powerful, wildly successful woman she is today. Now, Andrea shares that knowledge far and wide to empower women to maximize their confidence, master resilience, and step into their power.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Ways to recognize your physical response to fear, shame, and other triggers
  • How our culture can feed overidentification and obsessing over behaviors rather than working to change them
  • The four steps of “unlearning” beliefs and behaviors that don’t align with your authentic self
  • A pivotal question to ask yourself that can shift your perspective

You’ll feel inspired to release what no longer serves you and create a life that fulfills your true desires and needs.

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