How to Prioritize Your Mental Health with Allison Walsh and Dr. Angela Phillips

We talk so openly about our physical health, so why does talking about mental health feel taboo?

Mental health advocates, Allison Walsh and Dr. Angela Phillips, want to shatter the stigma around mental health issues and have more collective conversations about mental wellness. As co-host of the Dear Mind, You Matter podcast, they’re on a mission to share mental health tools that empower as many people as possible to take good care of their emotional well-being.

While the stress of the last few years has created more openness around mental health concerns, Allison and Angela encourage us to be proactive and do “a checkup from the neck up” regularly.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to become more comfortable talking about your mental wellbeing
  • How to replace a habit that isn’t serving you with one that does
  • Ways the need for control affects your food story
  • Tips on how to support someone who is struggling
  • Specific tools to shift your inner dialogue

You’ll feel inspired to focus on your mental well-being and make it a top priority!

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