How to Rebuild Your Mind and Body After a Betrayal with Dr. Debi Silber

Is a betrayal (big or small) keeping you sick, stuck, angry, or exhausted?

According to Dr. Debi Silber, a holistic psychologist, founder of the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute, and author of the hot off the press book Trust Again: Overcoming Betrayal and Regaining Health, Confidence and Happiness, we’ve all experienced some sort of betrayal. Not only does it hurt, but it takes time to get over. 

Debi describes a betrayal as the breaking of a spoken or unspoken rule with someone in a relationship. The more we trusted and depended on the person, the bigger the betrayal. 

After going through major betrayals from both her family members and her husband, Debi directed her focus into completing a PhD study on how we experience betrayal and the potential it can hold for change, growth, and healing.

From her research, she made three groundbreaking discoveries that lead to a multi-pronged approach that has already helped thousands of women go from betrayal to breakthrough.

Through her proven system, Debi’s on a mission to help walk you through your experience so that it doesn’t define you or leave you sick, sad, stuck, and small. Instead, it can be the most profound and single greatest catalyst leading to your most magnificent self.

 “When it comes to betrayal, we only heal when we face it, feel it, and then heal it.” ~Dr. Debi Silber

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The five stages of betrayal and how to move through them
  • Symptoms of an unhealed betrayal 
  • How betrayal impacts your overall health, work, and relationships
  • Four questions to ask yourself to know if you’re numbing and distracting
  • How to trust again and create a stronger more empowered version of you

You’ll feel inspired to rebuild a sense of safety, self, and confidence.

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