How to Thrive Not Just Survive with Elissa Goodman

Have you ever felt like you’re simply surviving? To overcome challenges? Or make ends meet? We’re not put on this earth just to get by! You have the power to thrive and live your fullest life, not just survive.

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story Episode #12 with Elissa Goodman. Elissa is a Holistic Nutritionist, best-selling author of Cancer Hacks, and Lifestyle Cleanse Expert. Elissa came into the world as a sickly child and suffered all sorts of illnesses growing up. Then at the age of 32, she was diagnosed with cancer, and after healing herself, she lost her husband to cancer a decade later. Her personal experience led her to understand that what we eat, how we think, and our daily choices completely affect our ability to deal with health challenges.

Now, in her fifties, Elissa is the happiest and healthiest she has ever been, and she’s on a mission to inspire others with her incredible story and share her hard-won insights on how to face your fears and regain your power, no matter what you are going through. Since learning how to detox her mind and body daily, Elissa believes that you can become stronger and more resilient using a combination of nutrition, self-love, and intuition. Tune in and let Elissa inspire you to start feeling like your most radiant version of yourself, inside and out!

No matter what is happening with your body, it’s still YOUR body – yours to love and care for and heal.” ~Elissa Goodman

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The impact our early years have on our subconscious and how it manifests in our overall health and happiness
  • The power of nutrition, self-love, and lifestyle on healing and attaining optimal health
  • Why deprivation with food never works and how it backfires
  • How holding on to negative thoughts is so harmful and how to use compassion instead
  • Why trusting your gut is the best medicine
  • How to live a cleansing lifestyle to heal your body and prevent disease
  • The best supplement to take for stress support
  • A surprising but effective exercise for tuning into your intuition that works

You’ll feel inspired to release what no longer serves you and harness your own wisdom and inner strength to overcome any obstacles that come your way!

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