How to Turn Down the Food Noise and Listen to Your Body with Emily Monaco

Food noise is everywhere.

From articles and advertisements for the latest “superfood,” documentaries and conflicting reports about new diet research, to fad diets promising bikini bodies, food noise is the ever-present background noise that keeps you from really tuning into your body and hearing what it needs to feel nourished.

Food noise has been programmed into your subconscious mind and can shift the conversation inside your head. And now it pops up in your daily life disguised as a list of  “shoulds” or restrictions that may be accompanied by a side of guilt!

Food noise affects your choices, your habits, your self-esteem, and even reinforces some of your limiting beliefs. The daily noise can become a loud chorus that confuses and even disempowers you.

Here’s the good news: while you can’t avoid being exposed to food noise, you can choose how you respond to it and let it impact you.

Emily Monaco is an American journalist living in France who writes about the current research and hottest trends in health and wellness. After years of trying all sorts of different “healthy” diets, from low-cal to low-carb to vegetarian to vegan to paleo, Emily found what works for her – without labels or a long list of rigid rules.

Emily shares how she is able to take in the different experts’ opinions without automatically thinking that she has to revamp her entire way of eating. Even though she’s curious about the latest findings, she stays aware of how she is feeling so that she doesn’t get swept up in someone else’s version of what works.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How even well-intentioned messages about food from childhood can impact your mindset and habits
  • The French alternative to American extremes of overindulgence and restriction
  • Why slowing down at meals is healing and essential
  • How to create an abundance mindset when preparing and eating your meals
  • Ways to support yourself around food when you’re stressed or anxious
  • The one habit that can help you listen to your body

As you listen to this conversation, think about where food noise shows up for you, and how you can turn down the volume so that you can make choices that feel good to you!

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