How to Uncover Your Inner Grit

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to create the life you desire? According to fitness expert and mindset coach Rebecca Louise: it takes grit, getting back up one more time no matter how far you fall.

Originally from the UK, Rebecca Louise came to the United States at 23 years old on a whim to get her commercial pilot’s license. Although Rebecca loved flying, it was not her ultimate passion. Instead, Rebecca’s love for fitness, helping people, and hosting came alive when she started making videos and sharing them online. Through her ultra-popular YouTube channel, newly released book, and social media, Rebecca has helped millions of people improve their mindsets and achieve their wellness goals.

After experiencing her own struggles with anxiety, an eating disorder, lack of confidence, a painful divorce, and an uncertain career path, Rebecca turned to personal development and created habits that made her feel like a new person inside and out. With a tough love approach, she’s now on a mission to share her tried-and-true methods to help people all over the world find lasting health and happiness.

“Showing up anyway is only going to make you feel better than not showing up at all.” ~Rebecca Louise

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What it really means to have grit
  • Why the key to motivation comes from taking action
  • How not to be attached to the outcome
  • The impact of changing your environment and how it can influence your life choices
  • Ways to not let anxiety define you
  • The cardio myth and what really works to strengthen your mind and body
  • A mindset to help you say YES more and take the first steps

You’ll be inspired to keep going, never give up, and unlock your inner grit!

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