How Your Family Origins Influence Your Food Story with Robert Sturman

Even though your food story has been unfolding your whole life, chances are you haven’t paused to really think about the origins of your habits, challenges, and beliefs. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, your past created a blueprint that influences your daily decisions—for better or worse!

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we have a stored memory, emotion, or experience that is impacting us in such a profound way.

But the food memories you share with your siblings and family members, and the family culture that formed them play out in the choices we make about food today.

What would happen if you checked in with your siblings or family members about your food stories?

When you talk about your experiences together and reflect on what happened, even a long time ago, you can see the past with a fresh set of eyes and understand why you believe certain things or behave in a particular way.

Elise’s brother, Robert Sturman, joins her for a very special and candid conversation about their shared history, their family dinner table, and how their sometimes differing memories and experiences shaped their food stories.

Now an internationally celebrated photographer who has served as the Official Artist of the 47th Annual Grammy Awards, Robert delves into some pivotal moments about his food story that affected his life and creativity as an artist.

You’ll be inspired to discuss your food story with your own family members…so you can revisit the past and rewrite the parts that no longer serve you.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to engage with your siblings or family members about your family food story
  • A simple framework for helping everyone feel seen and heard in tough conversations
  • Ways parents’ food stories can impact their children
  • Some foods that can negatively impact mood
  • How birth order and gender dynamics can affect your relationship to food
  • What it means to say “yes” to yourself

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