Love the Skin You’re in with Sassy Gregson-Williams

Have you ever felt pressure to look a certain way? Eat a certain way? Or even live a certain way? You don’t have to conform to societal expectations, and in fact, you can feel better than ever when you stay true to YOU.

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story Episode #13 with Sassy Gregson-Williams! Sassy is best-selling author (at the age of sixteen!), former professional ballerina, and the founder of the online global platform, Naturally Sassy, who empowers people all over the world to love the skin they’re in using inspiring movement and great tasting feel-good food. Sassy started her career as a dancer when she was just three years old and danced professionally until she was eighteen. Left injured, lethargic and weak, Sassy shares how she was able to release the intense pressure of attaining the perfect ballerina physique that the industry required.

Now, stronger and more confident than ever, Sassy is an inspiration to anyone who hears her story not only because of what she has accomplished at such a young age, but also how she has been able to shift her mindset around food and body, too! She believes that accepting yourself as you are right now is the starting place to getting exactly what you want in life. Tune in and let Sassy inspire you to create a more loving and kind approach to eating and moving!

Body positivity is about accepting and loving the skin you’re in, and knowing you do not need to change yourself for anyone, but you.” ~Sassy Gregson Williams

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you can accept your body right now and still aim to make positive changes
  • How setbacks can be your most incredible teachers
  • What is body positivity and how to cultivate it
  • Why cooking can completely change (and heal!) your relationship with food
  • What dietary changes can help with eczema
  • Ways to trust your intuition even when your mind and body aren’t in sync
  • The reason mindset matters most when it comes to feeling your best and getting results
  • Which form of movement can connect you to your body (and mind)

You’ll feel empowered to release societal pressures and stay true to yourself!

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