Make Peace with Your Past and Write a New Chapter with Alexandra Franzen

Have you ever wished you could tell your younger self that everything is going to be okay? While you can’t smooth over hurt feelings and you can’t change what happened, you can use the lessons and challenges to create the life you want.

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story episode #14 with Alexandra Franzen. Alexandra is a professional writer, author of multiple books, including “You’re Going to Survive,” and a wildly popular blogger who helps people all over the world tap into their creativity, productivity, and positivity with her refreshingly simple communication. Alexandra shares her journey of struggling with an eating disorder as a teenager and how by embracing simplicity and storytelling, she was able to ditch the obsessiveness around food for a more carefree approach to eating and living.

Now more connected to herself than ever, Alexandra uses the power of words and stories to inspire others to feel uplifted and encouraged. She believes that it’s never too late to pursue a new goal, or make a big change, because today is not over yet. Tune in and let Alexandra empower you to make peace with your past, so that you can release what no longer serves you and write a new chapter!

“Advice to younger self: If you get into a difficult place with food, it’s okay. You’re not a bad person, you’re human! There is so much beauty ahead of you in life…and all of this rigid obsession over eating is not necessary. You can let it go!” ~Alexandra Franzen

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How talking about your childhood can be freeing and empower you to create the life you want
  • Why role models are key for healing, and how they can help you get on track and change
  • How having the courage to share your story helps you and everyone who hears it, too
  • Three questions to ask yourself to discover defining moments of your personal story (It’s so simple!)
  • How music and movement can connect you to your body, and fun ways to use them daily
  • Simple exercises to work through past traumas and trigger your memory
  • Why obsessing over food is like a full-time job, and how it impacts your career and creativity
  • The best piece of advice to feel instantly refreshed

You’ll feel inspired to own your story, share your truth (even with just yourself), and step into a beautiful new chapter.

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Books: You’re Going to Survive and So This is The End. A Love Story
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