Mindset Shifts To Improve Your Relationship To Food with Karen Salmansohn

What would you hear if you eavesdropped on your brain? Are the stories you tell yourself supportive and loving or disempowering and keeping you stuck in old patterns that no longer serve you?

Once you’re aware of your internal dialogue, you can identify the words you are saying to yourself—and change your inner narrative if it’s making you feel stressed about food, unhappy with your body, and frustrated, and powerless to change your life.

Karen Salmansohn, bestselling author and creator of the popular online platform notsalmon.com, is no stranger to negative self-talk. She dives deep into her journey with emotional eating and lack of self-love, and how becoming a mom helped her kickstart a new chapter in her food story. As she uncovered the roots of her challenges, Karen developed tools, phrases, and questions infused with humor and wisdom to help her shift her internal dialogue and release the unhealthy patterns that no longer served her.

Now after healing herself, Karen has already empowered millions of people to bloom into their happiest, highest potential self. Through her playful analogies and ability to distill big ideas in a fun way, Karen’s science-backed research and personal experiences will inspire you to rethink the conversations you have inside your own mind.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to uncover the root cause of your eating challenges
  • Ways to become present and interrupt negative thoughts
  • The power of understanding your “why”
  • An easy-to-use tip to disrupt an unhealthy pattern
  • Two harmful words to release from your vocabulary
  • The science-backed explanation of why humor is an essential nutrient
  • How to make happiness last

Content note: Brief mention of a past sexual assault.

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