Take the Hell Out of Healthy Living with Talia Pollock

Have you ever felt like a healthier lifestyle sucks the JOY out of eating and living? What if you could be healthy, satisfied, and happy while having fun? The good news is that creating better habits doesn’t have to be so hard and stressful or all work and no play!

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story episode #15 with Talia Pollock. Talia is a certified holistic health coach, soon-to-be author, former stand-up comedian, and founder of the wildly popular Party in My Plants. Talia helps people all over the world learn to love kale while making them laugh as well. She believes that it is entirely possible to be your best self without the BS.

After years filled with food addictions, weight issues, and (lots of!) anxiety, Talia turned to a strict plant-based diet which healed her body but also left her isolated and lonely without a social life. With a strong desire to be both happy AND healthy, Talia found the perfect formula that merged her passion for plants with her passion for LOL humor. She has made it her mission to share how you too can boost your healthiness without compromising your happiness!

Now, after years of feeling amazing in her own body and having a blast, she believes that you can become the master of your plant-based lifestyle, no matter where you are on your journey. Tune in and let Talia inspire you to eat more plants and have a life as epic as a party!

“Laughter is actually a really big form of self-love and self-care.” ~Talia Pollock

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The magic formula for healthy eating and how to apply it every time you eat
  • Why being healthy and being happy aren’t mutually exclusive and how to achieve both
  • How to become curious and make better choices for your unique body
  • Why creating community can help you feel so much better and ways to do it
  • Ways to relax around food and stop obsessing
  • How to find humor in everyday situations and infuse more fun into what you eat
  • A surprise habit that is the biggest form of self-care (Hint: It’s easy to do every day!)
  • The best approach for getting your loved ones to eat healthier with you

You’ll feel empowered to take the hell out of healthy living!

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