The Most Modern Approach to Holistic Health

Have you ever been frustrated by lack of options in the conventional healthcare space? Or have you had a desire to live more holistically, but felt like alternative forms of treatment were too overwhelming, too woo-woo, or simply just not meant for you?

Danny Steiner and Krista Berlincourt, founders of the new online health platform Kenshō, believe ‘healthy’ should measure all of you: how you’re doing physically, mentally, and emotionally. On a mission to fill in the gaps where the current healthcare system is failing us, they created a modern guide to holistic health that’s accessible, affordable, proven to address the root causes of chronic disease and — thanks to technology — available from anywhere around the globe.

Before founding Kenshō, Krista traveled thousands of miles, crossing continents, deserts, and seas in search of a natural cure for the adrenal failure that left her hospitalized when conventional medicine had not worked for her. She then moved to Los Angeles where she met Danny, a fellow entrepreneur who had adopted a plant-based diet and meditation practice at age 14 in hopes of warding off the autoimmune disease that plagued most of his family.

Over a cup of tea, they discovered a common frustration: despite their holistic health expertise, the people they loved most still couldn’t find what they needed to heal. Together, they decided to develop a platform, one that would help others explore options, whether that was an honest answer, a trusted provider, or being part of a community conversation.

Tune in and let Danny and Krista inspire you to get better and be better, no matter where you are on your healing journey!

“Health is a conversation, and when we’re in it ourselves, we think it’s so private. But in reality, health is such a social narrative, because it affects you and also every person you affect, too” ~Krista Berlincourt

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The power of sharing your health story and why community is key for healing
  • Cutting-edge research on the science-backed benefits of holistic healing practices
  • How to reduce information overload and find the right solutions for you
  • How telemedicine is changing the face of modern healthcare for the better
  • Why wellness shouldn’t be a luxury but something that every single one of us has the right to explore
  • The powerful impact meditation can have in less than 10 minutes a day
  • Expert advice on how to feel less alone in your health struggles and how to explore alternative healing options

You’ll feel inspired to look outside of conventional medicine and add alternative forms of healing to your holistic healthcare toolbox!

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