Top Takeaways from 100 Episodes

It’s the 100th episode! To celebrate, I’m sharing my five biggest takeaways from past episodes. I narrowed it down, but I could’ve given you hundreds of life-changing lessons from all these incredible conversations.

I started Once Upon a Food Story with the idea that if I could share other people’s food stories, then I could help you tap into your own. Even though there is a lot of guilt and shame around our eating challenges, when we are open about our stories, we all feel less alone.

I love when my guest says, I’ve never talked about this publicly before. That’s when I know that I’m doing my part to change the collective conversation and normalize talking about our shared food and body struggles.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Ways you can feel like a million bucks without spending a fortune
  • Exactly how your environment plays a big role in your food story
  • Tips for better mental wellbeing, even when life feels out of control
  • An understanding of how we impact one another’s food story
  • How to live in the moment and not let your past define you

So you might be wondering, what’s next? I’ve been interviewing new guests already with eye-opening conversations about intuitive movement, Ayurveda and chocolate, nutrition and spirituality, modern breathwork, fun cooking hacks, and other topics to change the way you eat, think, and live. Stay tuned!

I’m also hosting a free, 3-day virtual retreat: Stress Less. Live Free from September 27-29. You’ll walk away with more clarity, ease, and a heightened intuitive sense of what feels nourishing to your mind, body, and mood. Join me! You can register here.

Feel free to email me at to share your dream guests, topics, or any other ideas you might have.

Thanks for being a part of the Once Upon a Food Story Family. Here’s to the next 100 episodes!

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