Turn Your Pain Into Power with Carly Stein

Have you ever felt pigeonholed by your health, your career, or your life? So many of us accept our destiny and may even make the best of it. But you can change whatever isn’t working for you and create a lifestyle that feels good, inside and out.

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story episode #9 with Carly Stein. Carly is a Goldman Sachs trader turned Bee Whisperer and founder of the innovative nutraceutical brand, Bee Keeper’s Naturals. Growing up with an autoimmune disorder that made antibiotics dangerous for her, Carly discovered how to naturally cure her chronic condition using superfoods from the hive. Carly’s interest in food as medicine deepened and even though she was working the trading floor by day, she was moonlighting as a beekeeper—not your typical Wall Street side hustle. While working at Goldman, Carly built Beekeeper’s Naturals as a fully bootstrapped company making ~100k revenue in its first year.

Now, with continued success, Carly’s on a mission to improve the health of both humans and bees alike. Tune in and let Carly inspire you to take care of your mind and body while following your passion along the way!

“When you do something you wholeheartedly believe in, you can tune out what other people think.” ~Carly Stein

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to hear what your body is really saying to you
  • The impact chronic stress has on autoimmune conditions and ways to combat it immediately
  • How to get “unstuck” and release the trapped feeling
  • What you need to know about CBD and how to introduce it into your life
  • Why the superfoods from the hive can be healing, and ways to use it in your own protocol
  • The difference between raw and pasteurized honey and what to do for effective medicinal effects
  • Tips to strengthen your immune system on a daily basis
  • The most powerful question to ask yourself and how it can change your life

You’ll feel inspired to turn your struggles into strength and make decisions that are aligned with your own vision and heart!

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