Welcome To Once Upon A Food Story

Once upon a time, eating was fun. 

You looked forward to the big food holidays and didn’t think twice about grabbing a cookie or going back for seconds.

Food was simple, easy, and natural–just like breathing.

And then… something changed.

Food got weird.

Instead of being something you looked forward to, it was work. You counted calories, agonized over menus, and tried to keep up with the ever-changing advice and list of food rules.

Every time you turned on the TV or hopped on the internet, you’d see another celebrity or marketer touting the latest, greatest superfood. 

You tried to squeeze yourself into the “right” size or shape. Or, you worried that the next thing you ate would trigger your health condition. Or, you became preoccupied with eating “good food” and  beat yourself whenever you had something “bad.” Or, you felt like wellness was inaccessible especially when your bank account was near empty.

There are all sorts of reasons that food goes from fun & easy to frustrating and riddled with guilt.

And? It doesn’t have to be that way.

I speak from experience. My food fixation almost cost me my marriage. 

I followed rigid rules about food. I deprived myself of anything that wasn’t on my ridiculously strict plan. I tried to control every last thing that went into my mouth.

My now-husband got tired of watching me obsess over every carb and stalk of steamed broccoli (no salt, no butter) and we broke up for a time.

Well, dear reader, I woke up—and started to take a deep look inside.

Eventually, we got married, and I left a career in law to follow my passion for health & wellness.  

I studied eating psychology and holistic nutrition. I learned everything I could about food so I could start to make it my friend again… But through it all, I was still holding myself to impossible standards. 

On the outside, I looked like I had this whole wellness thing down, but inside I was miserable, even though I was quote-unquote healthy as I could be.

My food story had first turned food into the enemy of a “perfect” body. And then it turned food into a drug I was hooked on for the chronic condition of “healthy living.”

I needed a new food story. 

And I realized I had the power to write it myself.

I remembered that food was part of some of my happiest memories–like dinner time with my family when I was a kid and my mom’s effortless holiday entertaining. And I also remembered all of the happy memories I had of taking care of my body–walks through the woods, swimming in the ocean. I even remember how joyful my dad was every day when he went to the gym!

I started noticing how I talked to myself when I sat down to eat. I replaced the negativity and criticism with pleasure, nourishment, and love. And food started to become easy and even fun again.

I’m Elise Museles, and this is Once Upon A Food Story—the podcast that helps you create a new story about food, health, your body, and your life.

On this show, we know that finding peace with food isn’t just about eating more kale, drinking more water, or doing more yoga. It’s about unlocking the power of your food story and rewriting the parts that no longer nourish you. 

Because life is too short to waste time with food drama. 

Every other week, I release a new conversation with someone who has the courage to share their food story—one that just might sound familiar or encourages YOU to think of your own.  Each guest will highlight their experiences and expertise in a way that empowers you to discover another part of your food story, so you can finally allow food to help you live your best life, not interfere and control it. 

It’s time to stop stressing about food and step into a new chapter.

Once Upon A Food Story can help.

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