What You Need to Know About Almond Milk with Brooke Rewa Harris

Almond milk is everywhere and in everything these days! We add it to smoothies, make healing lattes, stir it in coffee, and use it multiple times throughout the day. We think of our beloved plant-based milk as the “better” option, BUT have you ever thought about what could be hiding in your “healthy” alternative?

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story episode #35 with Brooke Rewa Harris. Brooke is a wellness entrepreneur and founder of the industry-disrupting brand, Good Mylk Co. After switching to a plant-based diet, Brooke struggled with major digestive issues along with low mood and skin problems. Determined to find the root cause of why her healthier choices were making her sick, Brooke discovered that the fillers, binders, and thickeners in her almond milk were actually harming her health!

Brooke’s interest in feeding her body the highest quality foods and ingredients deepened as she healed herself and began making almond milk in her own kitchen! Realizing the harmful ingredients were not at all necessary for creamy and nutrient-dense plant-based milks, Brooke launched Good Mylk Co. to create a platform to educate people on the serious hazards of this popular staple and provide a pure (close to homemade) version available to the masses.

Now, Brooke is on a mission to teach others to ask questions and use their voices. Tune in and let Brooke’s story empower you to become your own healer, trust the wisdom of your body, and prioritize your health!

“Understand what you’re putting in your body because that’s really where your health and wellness starts.” ~Brooke Rewa Harris

In this episode, you’ll learn:

    • How to become your own healer and advocate for your health
    • Which “health foods” can cause digestive issues and how to avoid them
    • The controversy of the oat milk craze and why it may not be as good for you as you think
    • Why emulsifiers, thickeners, and binders are in store-bought plant-based milk and how they are harmful to your health
    • An eye-opening behind-the scenes walkthrough of how almond milk is made
    • How the lack of transparency in the health food industry is affecting us and what you can do about it
    • The difference between hemp seeds and hemp-derived CBD
    • The future of plant-based milks (Hint: It’s a superfood!)
    • Simple ways to use your voice to impact the sustainability practices of your favorite brands

You’ll feel inspired to put on your detective hat and pay even closer attention to what you’re eating and drinking!

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