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Bee Seasonal Organic Brazilian Honey

Harvested from sub regions of the Atlantic Forest, our Angico Honey comes from the south region of Brazil, more specifically the center of Paraná State. This region is characterized by a temperate climate with no dry season, warm summers and frequent frosts in winter. Atlantic moist forests, prairies and transitional vegetation cover the countless hills and grow along the many rivers that run through this region. Abrupt elevation variation creates many waterfalls. This rough terrain is not very suitable for agriculture and therefore one can still find many protected areas. Angico trees can grow up to 70 feet.
  • Bee Seasonal's Angico Honey is 100% Pure Raw, Non GMO, Unfiltered, Unpasteurized and USDA Certified Organic Honey and Certified Kosher Honey. This is the perfect gift for food lovers and home chefs. This honey is not flavored.
  • Unique tropical honey varietal. Taste: Gummy bears, tropical fruits, pineapple, mango. This Acacia Honeys pairs well with soft cheeses, fruit teas and smoothies. Perfect gift or cooking ingredient for home chefs.
  • Small sampler size jars are ideal for cheese boards, hosting events and gourmet food pairings. Perfect for Gift Baskets and Wedding Gifts. Excellent gourmet honey for cheese pairings.
  • No plastic. Our products are packed in high quality glass jars with easily removable labels. We encourage you to reuse the jars in a creative way.