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The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide Is Here

Head into the New Year and New Decade Feeling Amazing

This year may be different, but it’s all the more reason to spread the love to others and yourself too! (Yes, YOU!)

Whether you use this as a guide to brighten someone else’s season or get inspiration for yourself, I hope these specially curated wellness items can make you and your friends and family feel special while enhancing your daily lives.

Even though many of us can’t physically be with our loved ones during these challenging times, adding small moments of joy into our day-to-day can fill the holidays with a much-needed touch of magic.


Add in some healing and functional ingredients to help induce joy and calm!

Matcha Kari: What you do in the morning sets that tone for the rest of the day. I always start mine with ceremonial grade matcha! This starter set is one of my favorite gifts to give!

APOTHEKARY: Add these superfood blends and herbs to your favorite beverage or meal to reduce stress, improve gut health, or feel radiant inside and out.

Joya Elixirs and Teas: Functional foods meet pure joy! Not only are the products meant to bring sharper focus, better skin, and deeper sleep, they’re also beautiful with eco-friendly packaging. Sip on Bliss this season, a blend of raw cacao and adaptogenic reishi, or get the holiday Glow with the vibrant turmeric blend. (Use code ELISEM15 for 15% of your order)


It’s an opportune time to tap into the power of plants to boost immunity, give a holiday glow, or help create calm at the end of the day!

Farmer’s Market Cart: Gather all your produce and make the shopping experience smooth and stress-free. This has been my best purchase of the year. Bonus: It rolls up steps!

Farmstand: The self-watering, self-fertilizing hydroponic Farmstand makes it possible to grow 200+ varieties of veggies, fruits, and herbs in 5 minutes a week without the experience and space required for traditional gardening. Use code FRIEND-KJAA for $50 off

Tonic CBD: Not all CBD is created alike! These consciously handcrafted CBD and botanical blends are pure and superior in quality. The Flight makes a nice gift to experience them all!

Beekeeper’s Naturals: This entire line of Superfoods from the Hive is sustainably tested and effective. Start with the Beegan Pharmacy to stay strong and healthy right now. Use code FOODSTORY for 10% off your order.

Primal Palette Spices + Cookie Dough: The organic grain-free cookie dough is a fun and healthy way to give something sweet while the healing spice blends are innovative and truly next level! (Don’t miss their BIG sale now!)

Medterra CBD: My pups swear by this line of CBD:) They use it for joints and general anxiety. (Use code ELISEM for 15 percent off your order!)

Hu Chocolate Starter Kit: What’s a holiday season without an overflow of chocolate? The mood-boosting benefits are scientifically proven. So, get your fix with these low sugar, vegan, paleo and dairy-free innovative flavorful bars.


A few game-changing essential tools in your kitchen will make nourishment simple and stress-free.

Caraway Cookware Set: Upgrade pots & pans with this elegant set that is free of harmful chemicals and exceptionally durable.

Smeg hand blender: This easy-to-use tool is essential for soups and quick blending with minimal mess.

Vortex 6-quart Air Fryer: This is all the rage in cooking right now. I have an air fryer on my wish list too!

Global Chef Knives: Every cook needs a good set of knives. It makes for a much smoother experience in the kitchen. Start with one or splurge on this 3-piece starter set.

Vitamix Food Processor Attachment: The Vitamix is my most used kitchen appliance and now they just came up with this brand-new attachment that functions as a food processor. I’m eyeing this one!

NutraMilk: A big but life-changing purchase that makes the creamiest alternative milks and nut butters in a matter of minutes. This eco-friendly machine is one of my go-to kitchen appliance! (Use code ELISEM50 for $50 off + free shipping.)

Le Crueset: I love this entire line, especially the stock pots for whipping up a fresh batch of soul-warming soup. The bright colors are instant mood-boosters!


Who needs a spa to feel revived and relaxed when you can add in a few easy rituals in the midst of a hectic day.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser: I use my diffuser every single day, so I splurged on this handcrafted ultrasonic one. If you’re not quite ready to commit, this one is less than half the price and will still make your space smell like a spa!

doTerra Essential Oils: These uniquely formulated healing blends are developed by world-renowned experts. The ZenGest, Serenity, and Adaptiv Blends will support you right now! Or keep things simple with the Beginner’s Trio or expansive line of rollers.

Meditation Pillow: Whether you have an established meditation practice or want to incorporate it into your life, this eco-friendly cushion is a comfortable place for you or a loved on to get your om on!

Palo Santos: Whenever I want to clear the energy and ward off any signs of negativity, I light these aromatic sticks. This brand is sustainably harvested and ethically sourced.


EVERYTHING improves with quality zzz’s! Give someone (or yourself) the gift of quality sleep.

Bearaby Organic Weighted Blanket: I bought this cotton napper for my son, and he said that he has never slept so well. I ended up getting the newer velvet napper for myself.

Fisher’s Finery Pajamas: The most comfortable eco-friendly pj’s that I have been wearing and gifting to friends and family for years! Once you try them, you’ll understand the cult following.

Organic Sheets: The lavishly soft feel, lustrous Sateen finish, and environmental standards push “eco-luxury” to new heights.

Avocado Mattress: Nothing beats a good night’s rest and this non-toxic, sustainable mattress can help!


Personal care products are just as important as the food you eat, and a non-toxic skincare routine is a beautiful gift to give or receive. With strict standards of testing, I rely on Follain for all my clean beauty needs. (Use code ELISEM for 10% off your whole order)

A few ideas to get you started…

Rose Bath Salts and Candle No. 1: Detoxifying bath salts and a beautiful candle set the scene for a calm night in. (Use code ELISEM for 10% off your order.)

Body Brush: Before getting in the shower, try dry brushing for an instant pick-me-up. In a matter of minutes, you can whisk away dead skin cells to reveal smoother (and softer!) skin! (Use code ELISEM for 10% off your order.)

Rose Quartz Facial Roller: Rose Quartz Facial Roller: The act of rolling rose quartz on your face feels luxurious! (Use code ELISEM for 10% off your order.)


Everybody loves a good book or cookbook, here are my top choices to amplify wellness during the holiday season… and beyond!

The 5-Minute Journal: Boost happiness and increase productivity during this busy time of year! Morning and evening routines improve with daily journaling!

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art: James Nestor explains how to tap into the power of your breath. Experience the magic of correct breathing with this easy-to-read guide.

Do One Thing that Makes You Happy: This journal will guide you to look inside and outside yourself to discover and appreciate what makes you happiest.

Blue Zones Kitchen: Dan Buettner’s recipes make eating for longevity possible with 100 recipes to live to 100! The photography is beautiful too.

Black Girl Baking: Janelle Guy shares a combination of recipes and storytelling inspired by a soulful upbringing. Baking takes on a whole new meaning with food memories woven into each dish.

Where to Begin: A Small Book About Your Power to Create Big Change in Our Crazy World: Best-selling author, artist, activist, and poet Cleo Wade inspires to do and be better.

I hope you find something (or a lot of things) on this list to add some sparkle into your life and the lives of those you love!

Wishing you happy, healthy, and stress-free holidays,