Are you tired of feeling guilty about what you eat? Sick of counting calories and carbs? Exhausted by complicated diets and the havoc they wreak on your body, mind, and heart?

Me too!

Here’s the good news:

It is totally possible to make peace with food once and for all and rewrite your Food Story so you’re the hero!

I know it’s possible because I rewrote my own Food Story, and I’ve helped hundreds of clients rewrite theirs. I’d love to guide you to do the same!

Discovering and rewriting your Food Story will not only change what’s on your plate; it will change your entire life.

Are you thinking “What exactly is a Food Story?”

Your Food Story is multi-layered and written over years and years.

It’s the way your mother talked about her body, and what your father said about vegetables.

It’s the food you eat when you’re celebrating, and the food you eat when you’re heartbroken.

It’s the dish your family always made for holidays, and the dessert you always order on your birthday.

It’s knowing you “should” be eating X, and eating Y instead.

Your Food Story is about childhood experiences, memory-laden meals, and foods that you’ve labeled “good” and “bad.”

It’s how food factors into your life, including the comments and attitudes people around that you’ve adopted as your truth.

Without even realizing it, these thoughts and patterns formed your Food Story. Your internal dialogue is a huge part of your Food Story—and it keeps many of us in unhealthy relationships with food and with our bodies.

Your Food Story is complex and deep seated, changing throughout your life and rooted in your childhood – sometimes much deeper than you realize.

My own Food Story started with a diet at age 9, watching my father put a padlock on the fridge to reign in his own snacking, plus an all-girls school and all the dieting that went with it.

When I worked backwards to recognize how these things affected my relationship with food as an adult, I could begin to rewrite my narrative.

Learn More About My Food Story

Once you connect with your Food Story, there’s no turning back. Your inner nutritionist will be unleashed! You will know exactly what you need to feel your best. 

How do I help you rewrite your Food Story? I guide you to clear out other people’s beliefs about food and determine what’s right for you and your body.

I’m a Food Story Expert, certified in eating psychology and nutrition. I support women just like you, who are tired of missing out on the pleasures of life because you’re preoccupied by what’s on the end of your fork.

Changing your Food Story is not about choosing the right fruits and vegetables (or kale and chocolate!) It’s not even about food. It’s about embracing who you are and where you are right now.

I’ll provide you with tools – and delicious inspiration – to help you rewrite your Food Story. On the other side of our work together is lasting transformation for your mind and your body.

Want to discover your Food Story and transform your life? Let’s dive in!