5 Easy, Life-Changing Ways to Stop Stressing About Every Bite

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Can I ask you a personal question? Are you silently stressing about every bite?

Maybe you find yourself starting over each week. You know what you should be doing, but something always comes up – a vacation, a girls night, the holidays – and all your hard work to “be good” goes out the window.

Maybe that stress comes from the feeling that you can never reach your goals. You do everything right – follow every rule, count every calorie, and you still feel like you aren’t doing enough.

I get it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced anxiety around what’s on the end of my fork. I lived in a chronic state of stress as I searched for the “perfect” diet and the “right time” to get started.

After reading 5 Easy, Life-Changing Ways to Stop Stressing About Every Bite, you’ll…

Ditch food guilt – and say goodbye for good to this counterproductive and useless waste of energy!

Realize healthy eating isn’t as hard as you think – and not as boring either!

Get curious about your cravings – you don’t have a willpower problem, your body is actually sending you messages to tell you exactly what you need. Learn to listen to them.

Block out the food noise in your mind – just because something works for your best friend doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Learn how to make easy recipes – so you can heal your Food Story and cook (and eat!) mood-boosting meals along the way.


My Personal Message to You…

As an attorney turned Food Story Expert certified in eating psychology and nutrition, I empower women like you to rewrite your Food Story, for goof! Identifying your Food Story is the much-needed bridge between knowing what you should do and actually doing it.

It’s the missing link that millions of women like you have been searching for. With the right perspective, food doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety. I can’t wait for you to connect with your inner nutritionist and soar higher in health + happiness than ever before.

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Clients say 5 Easy, Life-Changing Ways to Stop Stressing About Every Bite is

“My dad was super critical of me growing up, which led to me developing a binge eating disorder in my teens. It wasn’t until I worked with you and took a deep look inside that I realized that I oddly found comfort in the cycle: trigger, binge, and crash—even though I was literally making myself sick, and using food as a crutch to avoid my feelings of shame and rejection. It didn’t happen overnight, but becoming aware of those bad habits, and identifying my Food Story, helped me heal my body, and my spirit.”

· · ·

“Before working with you, I doubted pretty much every choice I made when it came to wellness—even though my job as an attorney requires me to frequently make high-level choices on behalf of my clients. Just like any skill, thinking healthy thoughts is something you have to learn—at least for someone like me—and practice on a regular basis. Since I had lost my ability to trust myself, I had to start all over before I could truly listen to my body! For the first time in my adult life, I can stop myself from going down that negative rabbit hole and shift the conversation between my own two ears. I’m empowered to keep rewriting my Food Story using self-love and self-compassion to guide me along the way.”

· · ·

“As a new nom, working with Elise was just what I needed to feel more like myself again. We came up with a blueprint of options for healthy eating and spent some time in the kitchen cooking up delicious meals and easy snacks that I was able to share with my family. She made me feel energized and excited about getting back into the kitchen after a rough pregnancy. She gave me permission to feel whatever I was feeling, but also helped to keep me accountable and on track to reach my goals. Her guidance and reminders are helping me create a more positive food story and take control of my own food narrative for 2018.”

· · ·

“I come from a family of very overweight women, and not surprisingly, I’ve struggled with my own weight for years—despite trying just about every diet and exercise program around. Knowing where my Food Story originated from, and that it is something I inherited, has empowered me to change the parts that aren’t serving me. It wasn’t until working with you that I was able to slowly (but consistently) lose weight for good and release the shame around food and my body. I also stopped focusing solely on the number on the scale, and started thinking about being a good example for my own teenaged kids.”

· · ·