The missing piece for millions of women is connecting with their food stories. It’s the crucial bridge between knowing what to do and actually doing it.

When Elise publicly shared her Food Story, she paved a new pathway to food freedom for so many women. We ALL have a Food Story, and we’re all capable of writing the next chapter – at any point in time.

From her Once Upon a Food Story podcast to the pages of her first collection of (200!) recipes in Whole Food Energy (Barron’s Publishing), Elise changes the way we look at what’s on our plates… and in our minds.

Her Food Story approach is all about leading others to finally find joy, freedom, and ease with food – and beyond.

When she’s not on stage speaking about her Food Story, you’ll find Elise in her kitchen whipping up simple, mood-boosting recipes. She’s the voice (and photographer) behind the popular Kale & Chocolate blog, which has put clean eating within reach for thousands of people worldwide.

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Food Story

Food Story (lovingly) pushes the audiences to finally turn the page on the next chapter of what they eat and how they think.

You already know so much about taking care of your body but this goes deeper than eating your greens or trying the latest superfood.

When you rewrite your Food Story, you open up a world where you no longer stress (or worry!) about every bite. A world where you listen to your body and choose the foods that feel good to YOU.

Food Story Legacy

Your Food Story isn’t your own. Just as you are born into a life story, you also become part of your family’s and loved one’s stories, which is then passed down from one generation to the next.

Each time you set the table, make a meal together, even the way you talk about food in your family, you write another page in your Food Story – and your family’s Food Story, too. And when you rewrite your own, you build a foundation for family members and loved ones to nourish their bodies… for the rest of their lives!

Unleash Your Inner Nutritionist

We all have an inner nutritionist but most of us can’t hear her soft voice. Learn how to quiet your mind, turn down all the external food noise, and trust the wisdom of your body. Everything gets better (and makes sense!) when we tune in and listen.

When you start to connect with your Inner Nutritionist, you’ll realize that you have all of the tools you need to nourish and care for your amazing mind and body.

Food for Every Mood

Elise’s proactive approach to eating starts with one simple question: How do I want to feel?

Learn how to choose your food depending on your desired mood. (Energized? Nourished? Healthy? Happy? Relaxed? Focused?) Then cook and eat accordingly. Planning meals will become purposeful – and fun! You won’t ever fret about what food will do to you; instead, you’ll be empowered to think about what each bite will do for you!



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