Food Story isn’t just about what’s in your mind; it’s also about cooking and eating!

As soon as I started whipping up my own meals, I began to heal and rewrite my Food Story. Cooking changed everything!

I’m no gourmet chef, and I don’t care much about the difference between bâtonneting and chiffonading. But when you step into my {virtual} kitchen, I want you to feel warmth, love, and nourishment in every single bite.


Here are a few of my go-to recipes, which I’m proud to say, have earned a double ‘thumbs up’ from my entire family.

Need a little more guidance? As an eating psychology and nutrition expert, I can help you create lasting peace with food, both in and out of the kitchen. If you’d like to talk about rewriting your Food Story, I’m here to serve you.


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Food Mood Pantry Staple Guide 2020

Learn how to take charge, plan ahead, and make great choices to steer your mood (and your day) in the direction you want!

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