Create a Healthy Mother-Daughter Food Story with the Curry Girls

For many, the mother-daughter relationship can be complicated. Throw food and body image into the mix, and there are bound to be challenges.

But our mothers play such an integral part in our food stories. They’re the first ones to feed us. We bond with them over food, and we inherit some of their patterns, tastes, and eating issues. Then we may pass this all on to our daughters…

Peggy and Megan Curry, the mother-daughter duo behind Curry Girls Kitchen, make it look seamless and easy. But their relationship wasn’t always so smooth. And, ironically, this pair’s biggest pain point used to be food.

When the entire family was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, Peggy set out to heal her loved ones by changing their diets and habits while Megan felt restricted and just wanted to be a “normal” kid.

Now seventeen years later, the Curry Girls have embraced a delicious gluten-free life and exemplify how we can come together to create a healthy mother-daughter food story.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Ingredients for a healthy family food dynamic
  • The symptoms of gluten intolerance and how it affects your mind and body
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs and improve self-esteem
  • Ways to strengthen the mother-daughter bond
  • The one ritual to try to do every single night

You’ll feel inspired to cook, eat, and connect with your mother and/or daughter!

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