Discover Your Hidden Power to Save the Planet with Heather White

Does “taking climate action” feel daunting to you? You might think of environmental issues as outside your control and wonder how you could possibly make a difference.

According to environmentalist and founder of OneGreenThing, Heather White, you can… and we each have a unique role to play! Heather believes by adopting a daily practice of sustainability, all of our individual efforts add up to create a greener, healthier future.

With twenty-plus years of experience in the environmental law and policy space, Heather is on a mission to take the stress out of climate change and empower people to commit to daily actions in service of the planet. Her ideas are simple, practical, and easy to integrate.

As you listen, you’ll start thinking about what you can do each day to take a small step — or as Heather calls it "one green thing" — to care for the planet to help ease any sort of eco-anxiety, push the culture toward climate solutions, and even find joy in doing it.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How your food story impacts the climate
  • Ways to strengthen your connection to the earth
  • The importance of intergenerational climate conversations
  • Flexible meal planning to help reduce waste
  • Where to start to get involved in the climate movement

You’ll feel inspired to discover your hidden power and do your part to save the planet and make yourself feel better!

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