Everything You Want to Know About CBD with Jay Hartenbach

CBD is everywhere these days in every shape and form! It comes as tinctures, capsules, topicals, edibles, and is showing up in lattes, skincare products, water, cooking oils, and infused into all kinds of food. This hemp-derived compound is getting more and more exposure by the minute, YET with so many choices (and a lot of buzz!), there is understandable confusion about CBD.

Whether it’s health benefits or how safe it is or if it is appropriate for you, how can you be an informed consumer when it comes to adding CBD into your wellness routine? Co-founder of Medterra, Jay Hartenbach, says that the first thing to do is ask questions!

As a leader in the CBD industry, with high-quality products that go through rigorous testing, he believes that consumers have a right to know the facts about the CBD that they are purchasing. Jay’s on a mission to educate people on CBD’s potential to impact our mind, body, and mood and is also a leader in influencing industry transparency standards.

Since not all CBD is created equally, Jay shares the different categories of CBD and exactly what to look for in a product, so that you can choose the most healing CBD that’s right for you.

“The potential of CBD is undeniable. It is my mission to help people learn about CBD and the second renaissance of industrial hemp in the United States.” ~ Jay Hartenbach

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The science and evidence behind CBD
  • How CBD can help with inflammation, digestion, and stress
  • Why CBD is a serotonin modulator that can enhance mood and overall happiness
  • What is the endocannabinoid system and how it can help you achieve greater health
  • The three categories of CBD and what each one does
  • The difference between marijuana and hemp and how to know if your CBD contains THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana. (Medterra contains 0%THC!)
  • How to be an informed consumer and check the quality and testing of your CBD product (and do your due diligence!)
  • Ways to cook with CBD to enhance the bioavailability of it
  • How to determine what dosage of CBD is right for you
  • The future of CBD and how it can work synergistically with other ingredients
  • Other cannabinoids that also can help with sleep and inflammation

You’ll feel empowered to make informed decisions about whether to add CBD into your lifestyle, and if so, exactly which one to choose!

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