How to Build a Better Brain with Roy Krebs

Have you thought about your brain today? With jam-packed schedules and little time for ourselves, it’s almost too easy to forget all that our brains do for us on a daily basis. Yet, so many of us don’t take care of this critical organ appropriately; we’re completely overwhelmed, sleep deprived, and lacking nutrients that we need to think clearly. It’s time to be proactive about caring for our brains!

The good news is that no matter what you have or haven’t done to support it, “neuroplasticity” gives the brain an amazing capacity to modify its connections and make changes any time we are ready. And it can happen quickly! Roy Krebs, co-founder and CEO of Natural Stacks, believes that targeted nutrition and lifestyle factors are the keys to boosting mood, easing anxiety, and sharpening thinking. (Who couldn’t use a dose of that?)

Roy began his journey into brain health when his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia and he saw firsthand the effects of mental decline. At the same time, Roy started to notice that he was also losing his motivation and drive and not feeling like his usual productive self. He then began researching how to optimize brain health and performance naturally, and from there, his successful open source supplement company was born.

Now, as a leader in brain optimization, Roy is on a BIG mission to build a billion better brains and help people learn how to find ways to reduce stress, prevent cognitive decline, and be their most sharp + focused selves!

Tune in and let Roy inspire you to take the next steps to build a better brain and a better life!

“Stress is your brain stuck on something that’s negative, and it can take up all of your cognitive power.” ~Roy Krebs

In this episode, you’ll learn:

    • Why quality sleep is critical for brain health and tips to get a good night’s rest
    • How box breathing can help you destress and fall asleep
    • The reasons why magnesium is the most essential nutrient for brain health and how to make sure you are getting it in the most bioavailable form
    • The impact of chronic stress on the brain and how it can lead to early onset Alzheimer’s and dementia
    • Why transparency with supplement labeling is important for making safe choices
    • Ways to optimize the four main neurotransmitters to improve your mind and mood
    • The ONE thing you need to consistently do to build a better brain

You’ll feel empowered to put your brain health first and make informed decisions about which supplements and lifestyle choices are right for you.

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