How to Cook and Eat High Vibration Foods with Whitney Aronoff

Food holds energy and your energy starts to affect the food from the first moment you are in its presence. The way you handle it, the intention you put into it, and the thoughts you have as you prepare it all make a difference in how the food makes you feel!

Holistic Chef Whitney Aronoff has made it her mission to help people live high-vibration lives with food and beyond. She believes that eating is a transfer of energy between our energetic beings and the food we eat, and we have the power to raise the vibration of our meals. While it may sound complicated or woo-woo, it’s actually accessible and easy to do.

Whitney shares how we can connect on a physical, emotional, spiritual, and etheric level to our food and create meals that nourish us inside and out!

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The difference between high-vibration and low-vibration foods
  • How to create the highest vibration with whatever you’re eating (cookies included!) 
  • Tips for releasing perfectionism around food 
  • Easy ways to reduce stress and uplift your energy 
  • The power of affirmations and how to use them
  • The best kind of meal for your mind, body, and soul

You’ll feel inspired to start cooking and eating in a whole new way!


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