How to Eat For Inner Peace with Tammy Beasley RD

Imagine sitting down to a meal without labeling or questioning your food choices. What if you could simply enjoy what you’re eating, knowing that all food can add purpose, joy, and meaning to your life? The good news is that eating can be nourishing, pleasurable, and judgment-free!

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story episode #33 with Tammy Beasley. Tammy is a registered dietitian with over three decades of experience in the nutrition field. As a sought-after speaker and Vice President of Clinical Nutritional Services at Alsana, Tammy works with people to help them create flexibility and enjoyment of all foods without shame or guilt. After experiencing her own disordered eating years ago, Tammy traded in the over-exercising and restrictive behaviors for a more compassionate way of eating and living.

Now, since restoring a trusting relationship between food and her body and empowering thousands of people to do the same, Tammy believes that what you eat is directly related to how you feel in all areas of your life. And when you feed your brain and body the right nutrients (with the right mindset), you improve the way you move, think, relate to others, and live. It’s all connected!

“A nourished brain and body is the doorway to a happier life.” ~Tammy Beasley

In this episode, you’ll learn:

    • How being vulnerable and sharing your story can be healing
    • The role of genetics in eating disorders and how environmental factors influence genetic predispositions
    • Exactly how restricting food groups harms your body and why you need all the macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat)
    • Why labeling food as “good” and “bad” can lead to judgments about ourselves and how to avoid the trap
    • How feeding your body in regular intervals is the key for better food choices and a brighter mental outlook
    • A powerful exercise to break negative thought patterns and rewire your brain
    • Why cravings are not a willpower issue
    • The strong connection between the brain and the gut and ways it can positively affect your mental health (Hello, serotonin!)

You’ll feel inspired to find peace on your plate… and in your life!

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