How to Eat for Your Hormones and Happiness with Brittany Fuisz of Malibu Mylk

Have you ever wondered how the food choices you make every day impact your hormones, your happiness, and the health of our planet?

Brittany Fuisz, culinary chef and founder of Malibu Mylk, believes it’s all connected! While trying to get pregnant, Brittany was struggling to conceive and visited a fertility doctor who recommended an elimination diet. When she cut out dairy, nuts, gluten and soy, she began searching for a milk alternative.

That’s when the idea hit: Can you make milk from flaxseed?

Turns out you can! Flax milk is not only allergen-free, but it also has a creamy texture without any gums or fillers. Brittany knew she had to share this incredible product with the whole world, and that’s when Malibu Mylk was born.

At the same time, she learned that while strict diets might sometimes be medically necessary, there is a way to be conscious about your food choices and truly enjoy what you’re eating!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How your diet can impact your hormones and fertility in unexpected ways
  • Some unknown ingredients and problems of popular plant-based milks
  • Why flaxseeds are truly a superfood for you and the planet 
  • The importance of fiber for blood sugar and digestion
  • How to feel less stress around food for balance and happiness

After listening, you’ll feel empowered to eat in a way that’s good for you (and the environment) but also brings you pleasure too.

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