How To Eat Right For Your Genes with Dr. Sherry Zhang

Are you confused about what to eat? Should you cut back on carbs or eliminate gluten? Will ice cream leave you feeling sick and bloated?

What if those questions had some answers? Real answers that were unique to YOU. You already have the answers, and they’re in your DNA!

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story Episode #34 with Dr. Sherry Zhang. Sherry is a molecular geneticist and the CEO of GenoPalate, a revolutionary startup that uses the latest genetics and nutrition research to help people eat healthier based on their genes. By analyzing over 100 genetic markers that influence how your body metabolizes different nutrients, the results then get combined with scientific findings on nutritional genomics to provide personalized solutions for what should be on your plate. (Dinner by DNA? Yes, please!)

Growing up as a curious kid in China, Sherry’s curiosity continued into adulthood, which is what lead her to a career in biology with a focus on why certain people respond to food differently than others. Fast forward to today and her role as Chief Geneticist at GenoPalate is to provide us with insights on our ideal intake of fats, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals determined by our DNA—our body’s owner’s manual for personal nutrition recommendations!

While the information afforded to us by this innovative technology shouldn’t be used in place of any official medical diagnostics, it can be easier to make intelligent and sensible choices about exactly what foods to eat. And yes…that even includes insights on how our bodies process things like wine and coffee!

Tune in let Sherry inspire you to get curious about how to eat right for your genes!

“Knowing which foods are the right match for your unique biology provides clarity and eliminates confusion.” ~Dr. Sherry Zhang

In this episode, you’ll learn:

    • The ways in which food influences our genetic evolution
    • The role your heritage plays on your genotype and how to understand it
    • Who is more susceptible to lactose intolerance
    • Why understanding your biology and personalized nutrition can help alleviate stress around food
    • Exactly how to empower yourself to make informed nutritional decisions
    • The future of wellness and why getting tests for genetic biomarkers will become routine
    • What information can contribute to your ultimate health and longevity

You’ll feel empowered to become curious about your biology and increase your intelligence about the right choices for your personal needs!

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