How to Feel Well-Rested Every Day with Jolene Hart

Have you ever wished you could just take a break from your go-go-go life but aren’t sure exactly how to slow down? Most of us crave that downtime to recharge our energy stores, but we don’t know where to begin.

Best-selling author and founder of the Beauty is Wellness platform, Jolene Hart, believes that rest is an intuitive, brave, and even radical act — one that we all have the right to claim at any given moment. In her most recent book, Well-Rested Every Day: 365 Rituals, Recipes, and Reflections for Radical Peace and Renewal, Jolene shares how our modern day frenzied lifestyles are harming our nervous systems and depriving us of being fully present in our lives.

As a former Type A, Jolene noticed how pausing and building in pockets of rest helped her heal on all levels — mind, body, and spirit. When she began to thrive in ways she hadn’t imagined possible, she realized that almost everyone she knew could benefit from slowing down.  

Now, Jolene is on a mission to empower women all over the world to trust their intuition and tap into the power of rest. Because everything improves when you’re well-rested from your mental health to your productivity to simply experiencing more joy!

In this episode, you’ll learn:  

  • How to integrate adequate rest into your busy lifestyle
  • Why multitasking is a myth and what to do instead
  • Surprising ways stress affects nutrition
  • The most effective strategies to calm your nervous system
  • Easy methods to strengthen your intuition
  • A sample day of a more rest-focused lifestyle 

You’ll feel inspired to intentionally restore your mind and body so that you can become your healthiest, calmest, and most relaxed self!

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