How to Heal from Trauma Using Movement, Mindfulness, and Food with Liz Arch

We all experience trauma to some degree, sometimes without even realizing it. Whether it comes from catastrophic events or less obvious everyday experiences, it registers in your nervous system and can stay with you for years. Here’s the good news: there are tools to immediately help you identify past traumas and begin to take control of your own healing.

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story episode #20 with Liz Arch. Liz is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, certified life coach, creator of Primal Yoga, and author of The Courage to Rise. Following her own traumatic experience with domestic violence and an ensuing struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, Liz created a unique approach to holistic healing by moving stuck emotions through the body, rewiring the brain, and nourishing the gut. Liz shares her method with people all over the world empowering them to reclaim their strength and power using movement, mindfulness, and food.

Now, after years of teaching others and being connected to her own mind and body, she believes that our biggest breakdowns can lead to our biggest breakthroughs, and if we allow it, our pain can guide us to our purpose. Let Liz inspire you to look within so that you can also find the courage to rise.

“When we start treating our body as a whole, rather than treating parts and individual symptoms, we create a path toward long-term health and wellbeing.” ~Liz Arch

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is trauma and why most of us have experienced it in some form
  • What happens to your nervous system after a traumatic event
  • Why single-tasking not multitasking enables you to live a richer life
  • How movement can help release emotions that are stuck in your body
  • The difference between meditation and mindfulness and how to practice both
  • Why gut health is often the missing piece in healing from trauma
  • Which foods can strengthen digestion and improve your mood, too

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