How to Live an Anticancer Lifestyle with Meg Hirshberg

When we think of cancer prevention (or any chronic illness), we immediately focus on nutrition, exercise, and sleep. While all of these pieces of the wellness equation are essential, managing our mindset is also key when it comes to making sustainable lifestyle shifts.

Meg Hirshberg, founder of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program, knows firsthand that what happens in our minds is foundational for creating habits and mindsets that help our bodies, prevent and recover from disease.

Her journey with breast cancer taught her how to take better care of her mind and body while learning that she didn’t need to be 100% perfect along the way. She realized that the self-imposed pressure to eat, move, rest, and think “perfectly” was getting in the way of true healing and that having realistic expectations goes a long way in prevention, even with cancer.

Meg believes that in order for lifestyle changes to stick, they have to be sustainable and doable. We need to allow for the celebrations (cake included!) and the times when life gets in the way and we veer off course.

By letting yourself be human, you can create a long-term lifestyle, so that you can become your strongest, most resilient self.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The best approach to eating for an anticancer lifestyle
  • Easy ways to recenter in stressful times
  • Why deprivation never works (HINT: It backfires)
  • A simple inspirational tool to motivate you to exercise
  • Why mindset sets the foundation for an anticancer lifestyle
  • How negative self-talk impacts your health and what works instead

You’ll feel inspired to become more proactive with your overall well-being from what you’re eating to how you’re thinking…  and everything in between.

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