How to Make Food Your Friend, Not Your Frenemy

Have you ever felt like food is your best friend one day, only to have it become your enemy the very next day? Or do you wish you could just “trust yourself” to eat intuitively, but the only way you feel good around food is by following a strict diet, calorie count, or set of rules?

Cooking coach and author, Jacob Bustos, knows firsthand that you can create clear guidelines that lead to a better relationship with food while still enjoying all the things you love. In fact, he believes that you don’t have to deny yourself as long as you practice what he calls “a portion control mindset,” an approach to eating that allows you to literally have your cake and eat it, too!

In 2012, Jacob underwent a life-saving bariatric surgery, sparking his 160-lb weight loss journey. After this surgery, Jacob had traumatic skin removal surgery that nearly ended his life. Now, seven years later, Jacob feels completely restored in health, mind, and soul! Even though his path to get here was wrought with physical and emotional distress, he wouldn’t take away the pain and subsequent lessons learned for anything. Submitting to bariatric surgery was no easy feat, and the experiences and near-death instances ignited a further passion and deeper purpose in his life.

Today, he’s on a mission to share his powerful story and insights on portion control and weight loss habits to inspire others to also live comfortably in their bodies, inside and out!

“If you messed up today with your food choices, don’t beat yourself up over it. Tomorrow is another day to start all over again.” ~Jacob Bustos

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How the challenges of being overweight can affect self-image (and self-worth)
  • Why bariatric surgery is not an “easy way out” and its impact on the mind and body
  • What it’s like to go through a near-death experience and how it changes everything
  • Why you can eat intuitively and practice portion control simultaneously
  • The inherent problems with the food sources in America and how it affects your health
  • Reasons why deprivation never works and what to do instead
  • Why fat is your friend and sugar is the real culprit in weight management
  • The truth behind the belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day
  • The crucial thing you need to practice for ultimate health and happiness (Hint: It starts with self-love)

You’ll feel empowered to create a more nurturing relationship with food and your body, no matter where you are on your weight loss journey.

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Jacob’s Book: When Food is Your Frenemy


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