How to Make Heart Choices, Not Hard Choices with Raquel Tavares

You know that feeling of saying yes to your heart? It’s expansive, light, and free! Or do you get stuck in that intersection where you think your way through and make decisions based on fear instead?! The good news is that you can always learn how to tap back into finding that whole body YES!

Welcome back to Once Upon a Food Story episode #24 with Raquel Travera. Raquel is a health-conscious food-loving yogi who started the successful brand 4th & Heart to bring ancient nutrition to the modern world. Born in Brazil, she moved to the states as a young child and was profoundly influenced by her nutritionist mother who instilled healthy habits and grounding Ayurvedic modalities, including a love for homemade ghee.

Once she started a family of her own, Raquel felt an even stronger connection to her roots and tuned back into her passion for all things ghee! By following her dreams (and her heart), she transformed her “better butter” into a booming business and made healthy fat fun, unique, and stress-free!

Now, after years of being connected to her mind and body, Raquel is on a mission to inspire others to get out of their heads and listen to their hearts. She believes that our truths can be felt deep inside each of us. And when we break through the fear of living our truths, we can lead by example and inspire others to do the same!

“The most lasting decisions are heart choices, not hard choices.” ~ Raquel Tavares

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The meaningful ways your roots impact your food story
  • Why motherhood can help you feel more connected to your food choices
  • What it means to lead with the heart in business and in your personal life
  • How Ayurvedic practices can keep you feeling more aligned with your body
  • The nutritional benefits of ghee and why it’s one of the most healing ancient superfoods
  • The role of fat and how it makes us healthier and more satiated
  • A snack that will keep you energized for even the toughest workouts
  • How to pass on a healthy food story to your family (Hint: It doesn’t involve nagging.)
  • One simple piece of advice that can help you get exactly what you want!

Let Raquel inspire you to ask yourself the hard questions to get the heart answers!

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